Shining bright in dark times

At this time, we seem to be facing so many crises. Health crisis — in the form of a global pandemic. Economic crisis — as a result of shrinking economies and unemployment on a scale never seen before. Climate crisis — our planet is out of balance thanks to environmental damage, climate change, uncontrollable fires and terrifying storms. We’re also in a moral crisis as too many global leaders have lost their moral compass. Spreading lies and fake news has become acceptable. What’s happening in governments around the world is terrifying.

We didn’t plan to live in such an unsafe world, and we certainly didn’t anticipate this for our children. It’s not what we signed up for. Few of us are equipped to deal with such heightened levels of fear, aggression and insanity that we encounter in our lives, in the news and on social media at every moment.

So how do we keep our heads and hearts amongst so much uncertainty?

Margaret Wheatley, a wise elder, systems theorist, writer and magnificent poet suggests we become “Warriors for the Human Spirit”.

Warriors for the Human Spirit
Are awake human beings who have chosen not to flee.
They abide.
They serve as beacons of an ancient story that tells of the goodness and generosity and creativity of humanity.
You can identify them by their cheerfulness.
You will know them by their compassion.
When asked how they do it they will tell you about discipline, dedication and the necessity of community.

Being a “Warrior for the Spirit” means choosing a life of bravery.

Yes, bravery is a choice — a decision to enter into the fray no matter how illogical and crazy things are, even when our friends, family and common sense screams at us not to get involved. Bravery means standing up for the heart, truth and love. Choosing to be a brave Warrior for the Spirit feels good. And you can start in small ways, just like Lucy Lewis in Found and Lost. Every small act of bravery adds up, and you’ll be making a contribution, doing your part.

As James Baldwin wrote, “not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced”.

Onwards fearless ones.

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