“For every one hour you write, you should read for two hours.”

For readers

Can you do a talk or book signing?

I would love to, however, it depends on my schedule. I’m limiting my engagements to focus on writing another book. Contact my publicist, details on the Contact page with your event details.

How can I get a signed copy of your book?

An international book tour is being planned, and we are working to ensure that our online book store will allow me the option to sign the book before it is shipped to you. Please be patient.

For writers

I want to be a writer. Do you have any advice?

Follow my Instagram and Facebook and sign up for my blog. I post regular insights into my life as a writer, my journey to getting published and news about new books.

Would you write a blurb in my book?

I wish I could assist. I’m balancing my book launches and work so can’t help all of you. Please contact my publicist, details on the Contact page. Please note that like most writers, I don’t review books before they’re under contract for publication. I wish you the best of luck with your book.

Can you critique my work?

My schedule doesn’t allow me to offer critiques, but if you’re looking for feedback, there are many great editors out there who can help. Your city may have a writers’ organization (like Grub Street in Boston, The Loft in Minneapolis, Catapult and Sackett Street in NYC, Hugo House in Seattle, or Politics & Prose in DC). Wishing you all the success.

For students

I’m writing a paper on your work. Can you answer some questions for me?

First, thank you for writing about my work, it’s an honor. Unfortunately I’m not able to answer individual questions, but there are lots of interviews and articles on this website in which I’ve answered almost every question you can think of, from my writing and reading habits, to in-depth craft topics, as well as my thoughts on spiritual practices. Most of them can be found on my blog, Facebook and Instragram.

I’d like to try writing fiction. Do you have any advice?

Read. Read. And read some more. Read about things you love, and things outside your comfort zone, but don’t let the hard topics and books block you. Juggle several books at the same time. Secondly, write a lot. Just like playing an instrument or a sport, writing takes practice. Keep at it. Thirdly, write about the stories that are important to you and that you want to read. It doesn’t matter if they get published—it’ll be great if they do—but writing them is the important part.

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